Praying Throughout the Day with the Divine Hours | Intro to Spiritual Practices

Praying Throughout the Day with the Divine Hours | Intro to Spiritual Practices
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Ever wondered about the spiritual practices that play out within the serene walls of a monastery, an abbey, or onscreen amidst the monk or nun characters? A striking pattern emerges - their devout gathering for prayer, at multiple intervals throughout the day, and often deep into the night. This sacred ritual, known as the Divine Hours, or fixed-hour prayer, predates the formalization of Christianity, tracing its roots back to the daily prayer cycle of Judaism.

The rhythm of the Divine Hours typically flows on a tri-hourly pattern, marked at 6:00 a.m., 9:00 a.m., noon, 3:00 p.m., and 6:00 p.m., bracketed by morning and evening prayers. Simpler variations focus on a morning prayer, a mid-day prayer, and an evening prayer.

Infusing Your Day with Prayer and Scripture

An often misunderstood aspect about the spiritual ritual of Divine Hours is that it's not exclusive to monastic or clergy members. The early church saw fixed-hour prayer as an integral part of every believer's daily life, wrapping their day around Scripture and prayer, most often the Lord's Prayer.

Fixed-hour prayer isn't just about spontaneous prayer moments; it involves a structured, liturgical form of praying, encompassing set prayers, Scripture readings, and occasionally, a hymn or song. If the idea of committing to three, five, or more prayer sessions each day seems intimidating, remember there are diverse ways to embrace the Divine Hours and ample resources to assist all believers in incorporating daily prayer.

Available Resources for Daily, Fixed-Hour Prayers:

Phyllis Tickle's Divine Hours liturgy, accessible in book format (seasonal collections) or through her daily online liturgy.
The Common Prayer app, offering a daily prayer, song, and Scripture.
Conversations with God: Two Centuries of Prayers by African Americans.
Daily prayers from the Taizé community in France and the Northumbria community connect you to the global congregation as you pray the Divine Hours.

Embarking on the Divine Hours Journey

A great way to initiate fixed-hour prayer is committing to a daily prayer moment, be it in the morning, lunch break, or before bedtime. Gradually expanding on this base is a great approach. If you already follow a prayer ritual, you can integrate the Divine Hours liturgy into your existing practice.

Praying together with family, friends, or faith communities, either in person or online, can enhance the fixed-hour prayer experience. Regardless of praying solo or in a group, know that this liturgical prayer anchors you in the community of believers who are simultaneously offering similar prayers and reading the same Scripture.

Remember, praying the Divine Hours isn't about achieving perfection. It's about finding that moment each day to center yourself and delve into the liturgy. Starting from there, you can gradually deepen your involvement in the Divine Hours.

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