Integrating Daily Prayer

Rediscover the joy of integrating prayer and morning meditation into your daily life and church community. Embrace the rhythm of monastic living and Psalms. Join a global church in spiritual unity and treat this practice as a joyful discipline.

Integrating Daily Prayer
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Strategies for Integrating Daily Prayer into your Personal and Church Life

  1. Build a routine of prayer, praying at least twice daily - once in the morning and once in the evening, irrespective of the duration.
  2. Learn brief prayers by heart for the seven canonical hours. This way, you can observe the hours even during mundane tasks like driving or changing a diaper.
  3. Regularly partake in morning or evening prayer at your church. Make your presence consistent and encourage others to join whenever they can. Sharing the experience of morning prayer with others can create a bond of communal spirituality.
  4. Use "The Divine Hours" by Phyllis Tickle to kickstart or conclude gatherings such as administrative council, choir, or trustees meetings. This can lend a spiritual note to proceedings and make meetings feel more like worshipful work.
  5. Adopt a daily lectionary for scripture readings. Consider using Gail Ramshaw's "Between Sundays: Daily Readings Based on the Revised Common Lectionary" as a companion to "Daily Praise and Prayer."
  6. Cultivate a sense of spiritual unity by envisioning yourself joining the global church in prayer each morning, evening, and night. This sense of togetherness can be further enhanced by praying with others - a coworker, a family member, or other church staff.
  7. Develop a sacred space for prayer, whether at your church or home. This space should include necessary prayer materials and symbols like an icon or a candle that make the space uniquely yours and God's. Patricia D. Brown's "Paths to Prayer" can provide helpful guidance in this aspect, as well as in practicing the daily office.
  8. Consider attending a retreat at a local monastery or convent. Immersing yourself in the community's rhythm of daily prayer can deepen your understanding and practice of the hours and infuse it into your everyday life.
  9. Be mindful of not overtaxing yourself. It's essential to treat prayer as a discipline but not a strain. Engage in simple, achievable practices to join Christ in daily prayer. The daily office is a joy that imparts focus to your day, not a burdensome task.
  10. Leverage the Psalms as the prayer book of the Bible. Incorporating Psalms into your daily office is a common practice, and you might choose to meditate on one Psalm for the entire week or different ones for the morning and evening. Always be attentive to the verses that touch your spirit and carry their words with you throughout the day.
  11. Include music in your daily prayer. For instance, the Taizé community in France has created easy-to-sing songs suitable for daily prayer. Many contemporary hymnals feature these songs, which can also be bought from G.I.A. Numerous Taizé songs can be found in "The Faith We Sing."

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